Hi there stranger!

I don't know how you got here, but I'm grateful, that you did. This is a personal site, where I launch projects and archive them.

The latest project is called Diaspora and its an attempt to bring some of the know-how from experienced entrepreneurs to Poland. I'd like to get you passionate about it as much, as I am.

I have my eye on one more project, but it'll be announced in mid November, so stay tuned!


Diaspora project

There is a great untapped potential in Poles and their descendants, who live abroad. Let's hear their stories...

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Merit content

These are some of the articles, that I published over the years on topics related to entrepreneurship and innovation.

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As a partner at Mazovia Capital I'm looking for startups in 3 distinctive spaces: VR/AR, FinTech and IIoT.

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